Scripting Spaces_Analysis

Site Surface Texture Analysis                                                                                                           The materiality of the site was a main focus for the study of Blackstone Square.  The heavy use of brick and cobblestone created a texture in the site that spoke to the human scale of the space.  The continuation of brick from the building facades to the sidewalk created this feeling that the material was wrapping the space and blurring the edge boundaries.  These images call out that brick texture  of each space and show how this texture can become one continuous surface.  The models were a translation of this by physically wrapping the surfaces to create that continuity of facade to path, questioning that line of boundary.

Reveal of Spaces Analysis                                                                                                                  The network of pathways and buildings create this layered effect of the spaces.  Through the overlap of one surface to another, different spaces are revealed through the movement through the space.  Each building edge becomes a reveal, exposing a new view either further into the site or out towards the city.  This model is a series showing the movement around one building edge and into a new alley hidden behind.

Multiple Linear Perspectives Analysis                                                                                   Multiple vantage points are available at certain locations in the site.  Due to the triangle building forms, the pointed edges create a pathway that offers two one point perspectives from one point.  These studies look at two instances of this within the site.  The first image is from approaching the site from the North End.  The other is within the site.  This occurrence within the space became a study that was further tested in the perspective generated plans and elevations.