Scripting Spaces_Site Scripted

Scripted Space                                                                                                                                        From the analysis of Blackstone Square, a scripted process was generated to recreate the space.  The new space would become a responsive environment where the brick surfaces would engulf the user as they moved through the passageways.  These new surfaces act as a tunnel, wrapping the users within the materiality of the site.  A grasshopper definition was written to generate an attraction force, allowing the remapped brick geometries to move along with the user.

Randomly Generated Pathway                                                                                                            By a randomly generated list of data, a curve can be manipulated from a straight line to a new polyline that is transformed through XY and Z coordinate points.  This new path is divided into steps, and a list calls out one data item acting as the force point.

Remapping the Bricks                                                                                                                          Each surface is divided into a series of points where the brick geometry can be remapped.  The geometry is then repelled from the attraction point creating a curvature in the newly defined surface. A loft is created from the surface geometries to the newly pulled geomtries creating a brick surface deflecting from the attraction point.